Our Services

Personnel Management

We handle safe transfer of personnel, inclusive of:

▪ Visas arrangements & immigration clearance;

▪ Crew transfers;

▪ Accommodation and transportation;

▪ 24/7 Medical assistance; and

▪ Courier services.

Agency Services

We act as both owners & charterers’ agent providing:

▪ Emergency support/liaison;

▪ Naval clearance;

▪ Port call/berthing space; and

▪ Cash to Master (CTM).

Vessel Services

We can look after your vessel throughout its stay:

▪ 24 hr. de-slopping;

▪ Garbage disposal;

▪ Diving services;

▪ Fresh water supply;

▪ Hose testing/fender repair; and Store movements.

Equipment Supplies & Storage

Experienced stockers and purchasers inclusive of:

▪ Internationally sourced stock of mooring ropes and tails; and

▪ Locally sourced spare parts.

We can also arrange clearance of containers and logistical movements should owners ship into Lome.

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